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2004 Adventures

Bishop, CA
18-31 December, 2004

Jared, Blake and Luke

Our trip to California for Christmas 2004 was absolutely wonderful! From great company to perfect weather, and from tons of delicious food to many awesome excursions, our visit was a blast and a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of our life in Georgia.

One of the greatest parts of the trip was the perfect timing of how the details worked out. The night before we left, we received a call at 11 pm from US Airways saying our 6 am flight out of Athens would depart 290 minutes late (try doing the math on that one). Actually, this change worked out quite nicely. Since we were all packed we slept in, cooked breakfast, and arrived at the airport at about 10 am (rather than 5 am ) to find that we'd been upgraded to first class on the Charlotte - LA leg of the flight. Although first class certainly isn't worth the cost difference you'd usually pay, it was certainly nice to receive a "free" meal, hot, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, and cashews instead of pretzels. The complimentary headphones were also nice, meaning we could watch the movie on the return trip without buying any headphones.

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Western Washington
Mount St. Helens, Olympic NP, Victoria, B.C., North Cascades
9-24 July, 2004

Sunset on the Olympic Coastline

What a time we had on our trip to Washington State this summer! The diversity of the places we visited within only the western part of the state was awe-inspiring; from the Olympic coastline, to the Ring of Fire, and from the Olympic mountains to the Alp-like North Cascades, we found ourselves constantly marveling at the natural beauty surrounding us.

We began our trip in Seattle and were extremely surprised to discover how cool it was (62 degrees in the house in the morning). Lynn Martindell was kind enough to let us stay at her house the night we arrived at 3:30 a.m. and fixed us an excellent pancake breakfast the following morning. We sat outside on the deck which overlooked Lake Sammamish (pronounced sa-MAM-ish) and enjoyed the extremely brisk morning. I found myself searching for more warm clothes (jeans and a sweatshirt were not warm enough) - quite a transition from typical GA summer weather. After breakfast and some grocery shopping, we headed for Mount Saint Helens.

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The Metallic Man - Street Performer

New Orleans, Louisiana
29-31 May, 2004

Memorial Day Weekend Destination: New Awlins , LA. Home of the famous Italian muffaletta at Central Grocery, the beignets eclipsed by powdered sugar at Café Du Monde, the strange street performers frozen in one position while wearing an exquisite costume in the extreme heat and humidity, and the world renowned chefs all of whom own their own restaurant.

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Melinda's College Graduation
Charleston, IL
7-9 May, 2004

All of Us

Attending graduation (which should more fittingly be called the mini-reunion) in Charleston a few weekends ago was a great time, especially considering we didn't even go to the graduation ceremony! Grandma Ware, Grandpa and June Sieber, Aunt Sue, Brian, and the Ware's were all together in the same place for the first time since our wedding in 2000. What a great opportunity to enjoy everyone's company.

During the get together we enjoyed some amazing food (Sue's homemade pizza, Dad's amazing mashed potatoes and roast beef, and strawberry shortcake with 2 gallons of Georgia hand-picked strawberries), went on a beautiful walk at Fox Ridge, and, most importantly, laughed and enjoyed each other. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the near future. Enjoy the pictures! :-)


Boston, Massachusetts
3-7 April, 2004

USS Constitution: Jen & Molly

Balmy temperatures and bikinis on the beach were not the theme of our spring break this year. Instead we traveled from Athens to the windy, and still slightly winterized city of Boston where we had some amazing experiences. From meeting up with old friends and relatives and eating like we were on our second honeymoon to touring the historic city of Boston as well as the beautiful rocky shores of the northeastern coast, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

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SERUG Conference
Savannah, GA
3-6 February, 2004

Tybee Island: David, Maria, Brian, & EJ

I had the opportunity to attend the ESRI South East Regional User Group Conference in Savannah, GA this year along with 8 fellow employees. It was a great opportunity to meet and get exposed to how other GIS professionals in the south east are using GIS, market ITOS's talents and expertise, and speak directly with ESRI project managers and developers about our questions and concerns with ArcGIS 8.x.

In the late afternoon and evenings we had some free time to explore downtown Savannah, nearby Fort Pulaski and Tybee Island. The last night we went on a walking "ghost tour" of downtown Savannah which was a lot of fun. On Friday morning we took a tour of the Owens Thomas House and then stopped off at the Crab Shack for lunch before returning to Athens.

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