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Boston, Massachusetts

During our weekend retreat, we returned to some of our favorite eateries, as well as discovering some new great restaurants and uniquely Northeastern activities. Of course, we returned to Kashmir (a great Indian restaurant), Burdick's chocolate, and Zaftig's Jewish Restaurant (banana stuffed French toast), but we also tried a new Jewish restaurant where I ordered a knish (pastry with potato filling and all sorts of delicious ingredients on top). Virtually everything on the menu was new to us, so we enjoyed adding new food to our repertoire.

Believe it or not, we did more than eat. Touring the Prudential gave us a great overview of the city as well as some interesting historical information. It was incredible to look at the city from above – all of the old, brick buildings depicted a city with a much older history than most other American cities. We also tried the New England form of bowling, called candlepin bowling. It was MUCH harder than “normal” bowling (as I refer to it, but Jen is quick to correct me on). Even though you get three balls, it's tough to hit many pins with a ball the size of a shot put and pins which are much more cylindrical than typical pins. We found you could roll the ball straight down the middle of the lane and end up having only hit two pins!!! Needless to say our scores stunk, but we had a great time. In addition to bowling and walking around the city, Jen took me and Brian (Yes, you read this correctly) to a yoga studio for a hatha yoga class! I had been begging her to take me since last time we visited, so I guess we deserved the challenge. The temperature of the room was set at about 90 degrees and the instructor did not ask if there were any newcomers to yoga, so Brian and I jumped in and did our best (with a few corrections from the instructor and a lot of sweat and slipping). It was great to experience such a different type of workout and we both really enjoyed it.

On top of all the great activities and food we really enjoyed meeting Beth and Jeff Juell for lunch at Kashmir and also hanging out with Annabel Hossel. Boston is certainly a great place to experience the advantages of a city while feeling at home with the many friends who live there.

-- Molly & Brian Lawrence

Annabel & Molly

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